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Richard ROLLAND, ébéniste à Saint-Savin


Richard ROLLAND, ébéniste à Saint-Savin


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Discover some of our wooden creations to combine business with pleasure
for your restaurant or hotel. Do not hesitate to contact us for more
information !

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Welcome to Richard ROLLAND furniture craftsman

Founded a few years ago by Richard Rolland, the company [comany_name]
settled later in department 38, near the city of Lyon. The company has large premises allowing it to create furniture under the

best possible conditions. These facilities allow us to store all the parts
necessary for the production of furniture.

Come and discover our range of tables and serving trolleys. Specialized
in hotels and restaurants, we produce unique pieces combining aesthetics with
quality. Discover our new products today, the possibilities offered by our
equipment, our promotions and our price range.

Feel free to browse our site. It will allow you to discover our wide
range via our catalog as well as to know more about the quality of our
achievements and our expertise.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to to discover
more about our company, to obtain information or to place an order.

A confirmed craftsman

During the past fifteen years, he has perfected his art to become a
confirmed cabinetmaker in Posadas establishments. A Specialist in the
production of wooden furniture pieces for hotels or restaurants, he lives his
job with passion.

For the few pieces that are not part of our expertise in the field of
cabinetmaking (stainless steel covers, silver-plated stainless steel, gilding),
we call on partner craftsmen to offer you a quality result.